We believe our products pack quite a punch. It’s all about the fresh ingredients we use, nothing powdered or freeze-dried here. That’s why they’re produced locally in Dublin from the freshest hydroponically grown Barley & Wheatgrass.

Our Story

In March of 2014, we (Darren & Amanda) opened The Hydro Club. Initially the plan was to be a hydroponic and horticultural supply store, but having experienced difficulties finding a consistent supply of fresh produce, we soon decided to start growing our own fresh barley & wheat grasses. This then sparked the idea to create The Little Pharma product range.

We are now producers of the freshest hydroponically grown barley & wheat grasses in our purpose built unit, right here in Dublin.

Our wheatgrass seed is organically certified and our barley grass seed is chemically untreated. We are committed to high standards of conduct in carrying out our business and we provide and distribute high quality grasses & juice products using only the freshest, quality ingredients.

At The Little Pharma we are dedicated to informing the general public of the many health benefits of both barley & wheat grasses and providing an alternative & tasty option to improve overall health & wellbeing.