Frequently Asked Questions

What are wheatgrass and barley grass juices?

Wheat & Barley Grass are the young stalks of the wheat and barley plants. We grow our seed hydroponically with only water – no nutrients or chemicals and no soil. Our grasses are ready to harvest 7 – 10 days after sowing. We then harvest our grass, do our quality checks, then we juice the grass using only cold press, masticating juicers so no shredding of enzymes or damage caused by heat. We then bottle our juice and apply the HPP Process giving it a five week shelf life, without the use of any powdered or freeze dried grass. We then package our juice and store it ready for delivery.

What is HPP?

High pressure processing (HPP) is also called high hydrostatic pressure processing, ultra high pressure processing, pascalization or cold pasteurisation. It is a food processing technology which applies high pressure to solid or liquid foods to improve their safety.

Do enzymes get damaged in the HPP Process?

We know the importance of enzymes so we take special care to ensure that we do not destroy them as we juice. We cold press, so as to squeeze the juice from the grasses rather than chopping them up. Heat also kills enzymes, so we only use slow speed masticating juicers. We love our enzymes so much we keep them alive!

How much wheatgrass and barley grass should I use?

You can drink any amount you wish and start / stop use at any time. Trust your instincts and observations as you may find that you prefer more or less.

Can wheatgrass and barley grass juice alkalize the body?

Wheatgrass and barley grass juice are natural alkalizing foods. Foods that promote optimal performance of the body through a balanced body chemistry.

Can they be mixed with fruit juice or smoothies?

Yes, absolutely you can add either wheatgrass or barley grass (or both) to your favourite smoothie or fruit juice drink.

Why are green foods so important in our diet?

The importance of green foods in our diet is being more & more validated by scientists. The Little Pharma wheatgrass & barley grass shots are an excellent and convenient source of green food nutrients.

Green food nutrients support healthy blood & circulation. Iron, folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin B12, & protein are all vital for the formation and maintenance of sufficient levels of haemoglobin and red blood cells. Users of barley grass have found it useful as an aid to weight loss & good for the heart, healing of ulcers, correcting blood sugar problems & as a general tonic.

What delivery options do you offer?

We deliver anywhere in the island of Ireland, but unfortunately rates will vary. Please get in touch and we’ll let you know the exact details based on where you are.

Do you offer a collection service?

Yes. Drop us an email or give us a call and we can arrange a convenient time for you to collect our mighty little shots from our base here in Dublin.